Skunk dice game rules and free printable score sheets

Skunk is definitely not a stinker when it comes to dice games.  Created by a gentleman named W.H. Schaper back in 1953, skunk is easy to learn and is an ideal choice for playing with younger kids – although adults will enjoy playing as well.  Although it’s available as a packaged game, it’s easy enough to play with any dice you already have – especially if you use our free printable Skunk dice game scoresheets.  You’ll find the link below.

Skunk Dice Game Rules Version #1

To win a game of Skunk you need to be the first player to score 100 points or more without having your total score beaten by another player.

To start a Skunk dice game, all players roll a die and the highest number goes first.  “Official” Skunk dice have a picture of a four-legged, black and white, odor factory in place of the one.  Ost of the time, people will just use any two six-sided dice they already have.

A Skunk player scores points by rolling both dice at once and adding the total of the two.  For example, if a three and a five are rolled, that Skunk player would have earned 8 points.

A player can choose to stop at the end of any roll and keep their accumulated points or try to roll again for even more points.  That’s where the strategizing comes in.

Rolling a skunk or double skunks (with ordinary dice, that would be rolling a one or double ones) is not a good thing.  When is a skunk showing up EVER a good thing!

When a player rolls a single skunk during their turn, their turn is immediately over and they lose any points they had for that turn.  For example, if the first roll was 2 and 6, they would have 8 points.   If they rolled again and had a 3 and 4, that would be 7 – which would be added to the 8 for a total of 15.  If they stopped at that point, they would keep the 15 points.  If they roll again and get a singe skunk, they now have 0 instead of 15, and pass the dice to the next player.

If, on their turn, a player rolls a double skunk, their turn is over, they lose all the points for that turn, AND they lose any other points they might have and need to start accumulating points all over again.

When a player reaches 100 points or more on their turn, they have two options.  They can keep rolling to raise the needed winning number for other players, or they can stop.

When the first player to reach or exceed 100 points stops, all the other players get another chance to roll, giving them a chance to win the game.

Skunk Dice Game Rules Version #2

The second version of skunk is played just like version one above, except that 100 points is no longer the goal.  Version Two of the Skunk Dice Game is played for five rounds and the player who has the most overall points is the winner.

Free Skunk Printable Score Sheets

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